jsGB: A Gameboy emulator in JavaScript

jsGB is an interpretive emulator of the Gameboy, designed to be run from within a web browser. Yes, it's written in JavaScript.

Current progress

ROM loading
At present, the test run can load a ROM given a known path to the server. This is done by fancy AJAX, and thus it should be possible to display a dialog of available ROM files, or allow for upload of ROM files. That's for later, of course.
All instructions in place; all the common ones are tested working. One known issue is that half-carry isn't calculated.
Background: Palette in place, Y-scroll and X-scroll tested working. The BIOS "Nintendo" logo appears. Windows: missing.
I've no idea how this can be done from JavaScript; this is unlikely to be implemented.

Test Results

The emulator currently works in the following browsers:


Tetris title screen


The following people have helped contribute to this project:

Imran Nazar <tf@imrannazar.com>, May 2009 - Aug 2010